Why Afinitis Intelligence?

Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence provides a fully automatic analysis service

Practical, Accessible, Sensible, Understandable and Meaningful Improvements

While there are plenty of tools on the market to mine data and present nice tables or graphs they still require considerable analysis skills and a good knowledge of which data to focus on. And which trends and measures are important.

Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence is different.

We give you a big head start with a comprehensive set of pre-built reports and dashboards covering the key measures that most businesses would need to drive increased performance. We then combine that with simple to use yet incredibly powerful and flexible tools so you can take your knowledge and understanding as far you need.

In short, Business Intelligence as it should be

Our Mission: To help every business gain a 20% or greater advantage in 12 months

Total clarity with minimal effort is our goal

Put simply, it’s about results, not interesting graphs. Our approach shows you the important perspectives and also guides you in what to do to improve them.

Total clarity about what you have today
Total clarity about what to do next

Easy to Use. Productive within Days

No changes are required to your IT systems or current ways of working. Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence sits on top of your existing systems and processes and accesses what it needs automatically

A huge advantage of Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence is that it doesn’t require software or hardware changes. We connect to your primary data sources. If you use one of the commonly used accounting packages or industry software to which we have already connected then it’s even easier; we start with a backup of your data and go from there. Typically, our clients are productive and realising benefits within just a few days and return on investment is typically within a few months.

You get a head start with a comprehensive set of dashboards and reporting packs from day one, built up over many years’ experience working with many different types of business. You can then either tailor these yourself or draw upon the experience of our business growth and change management specialists to get you quickly to a position of strength.

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Drive Change with Confidence

Afinitis Intelligence allows you to meet challenges head on and stay ahead of the competition. You’ll have the clarity you need to make the changes that count… and not be distracted by those that don’t

Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence helps you to focus very quickly on the opportunities and move forward from a position of knowledge and certainty, based on real facts. When combined with the experience and intuition of your team, the results are powerful and game changing.

Markets and competitors are constantly changing and new opportunities and threats are emerging all the time. With Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence as your guide, you’ll have the confidence to take the bold decisions and keep yourself ahead of the game.

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Fact Based Decision Support and Benefit Tracking

Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence helps you to take informed decisions and then see the results, so you can be sure you are on the right path  

Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence lifts up the data locked in your daily systems and uses it to give you complete clarity of the trends and performance indicators that will really make the difference to your bottom line. Our experience so far is that helping our clients see their business through new eyes can have a dramatic effect on the prioritisation and decision making process. The facts tend to speak for themselves.

Strong prioritisation drives effective delivery. Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence helps you to make the right choices and then track the results as they happen, giving you confidence to continue or adjust as needed to maximise the results.

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Supporting your Management Team

It’s amazing that, when presented with irrefutable facts, teams naturally start pulling together towards a common objective

It can be a challenge to keep everyone focused on the same set of objectives, especially when working across disciplines such as Marketing, Sales, Operations and Finance. It’s not uncommon for each area to have its own slightly different perspective, especially where annual budgets and bonuses are concerned.

Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence brings a universal truth and clarity that can break down some of these differences and shift the emphasis away from debating the right direction and towards agreeing the best way to get there.

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Expert and Informed Advice

A powerful combination of information and experience to truly enhance your business

The Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence team understands business and the challenges most companies face. While it’s true that incredibly powerful software sits at the core of what we do, the real difference is the decades of experience we bring at the highest level in business. It was through this experience and understanding the challenges of getting the right information that the Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence concept was born.

So that’s our working partnership approach.

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