Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence Helps Drive Business Performance

The Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence propositions have been specifically designed with clarity and ease of use in mind. We’ve also gone the extra mile to make it easy to get going, avoiding long winded and complex projects.

Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence has the following significant advantages over traditional Business Intelligence tools:

  • We manage the connection which usually only takes a few hours – you will typically get value within just a few days
  • You do not have to change what you currently do. We connect with major accounting systems and sub systems such as CRM, Order Processing and Stock Control
  • Afinitis Intelligence gives you instant access to the information you need to make the right decisions

Depending on your preference, there are a number of ways that you can benefit from Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence – from the full system to receiving tailored reports at regular intervals.

Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence Ultimate

Have the full Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence system on your desktops, giving you access to all of the benefits. The system is available as and when you need it and gives you:

  • Daily updated dashboards of where your cash is tied up, where you can free up cash, how you can improve turnover and profits – and many more areas of your business
  • The ability to instantly drill down from these dashboards into the relevant detail that drives the total picture of your business
  • Create your own queries about what is going on within every area of your business. You do not need any IT or programming skills to do this and you’ll be up and running in no time
  • Produce reports to help you lead and manage your team – across all of your business functions up to date on a daily basis

In addition, Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence gives you Insight, Control & Decision Support

Perfect 20 / 20 hindsight is easy, ‘if only I had known that’ is something you have probably said a few times? But what about having very well founded decisions, having full view of supplier, stock, production, sales and client activity to hand before choosing which way to go? Team and Management control is about insights, clarity and getting all your ducks in a row. It’s about transparency of your team’s activities, no ‘ifs and buts’ or ‘if only’. In today’s highly competitive business environment things move very fast – leaving critical decisions to personal judgement is an unnecessary risk. Why do that when you can be completely on top of the detail – without stress and without argument. We work with you and your team to eliminate waste based on your facts, to streamline processes to save resource and energy, giving you time and cash to re-invest however you wish.

Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence Transformation Pathways

The advantage of the Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence Step by Step approach is that we use a fast path approach with specialised information profiles to focus on specific areas of potential improvement. You are supported throughout each project by one of our experienced team. As we all know, not all business improvement projects deliver the outcomes that are desired. The Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence Step by Step approach is used to provide a clear understanding from the start point and throughout to measure progress towards the desired outcome. Examples of areas where Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence is particularly strong include;

  • Identifying cash tied up in the business
  • Improving customer management satisfaction and retention
  • Driving efficiency and competitive advantage
  • Identifying sales opportunities
  • Stock Sales improvements
  • Supporting accurate decision making
  • Providing accurate detail for business cases and special projects
  • Director Level Projects
  • Informing strategy and business transformation
  • Driving competitive advantage

Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence Essential Insights

The Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence Business Essentials Reports give you controlled access to your financial, warehouse and sales data. You can have these sent to you at regular intervals that suit your needs.

Some of our clients have even used Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence to completely replace their standard monthly management reporting and thereby significantly reduce the time and effort involved, from days and weeks to minutes.

Business Change Management & Transformation Advice

Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence have the team to work with you to deliver the change you need in the business. Our team includes Change Management and Transformation specialists that will help your change agenda deliver real lasting beneficial change for the long term.

Our experienced team works hand in glove with you and your team, using the power of Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence to ensure you get a significant return on your investment.