Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence Analysis Service

Hundreds of perspectives presented in multiple formats delivering valuable insights




Competitive Advantage

The Power of Afinitis Intelligence Supporting Your Business

Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence provides a structured and proven development pathway, combining the strengths of your team and the power of Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence analysis. You can start anywhere to break any log jam that is holding you back, and pursue strong opportunities. We can help to explain how to gain full and very practical support, available for you at a fraction of the cost of employing expert level in-house senior managers or additional Directors, and help enable your existing team to be more productive with their time.


Comprehensive Dashboards

Dashboards can be accessed via the internet from anywhere in the world

Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence Dashboards give an immediate visual picture of how your business is performing across multiple key factors. This turnkey solution provides key business perspectives and each dashboard can be tailored to reflect your precise requirements. Additional Dashboards can be created quickly and easily.


Reviews – Tailored Essential Insights

Imagine having the vital customer, supplier and sales staff information that you need, up to date, every day

Drive your business reviews with confidence. Up to date information can be viewed easily at any time, using Insights that combine tabular and graphical data. Meeting Packs are used to drive focused meetings and reports.
Focused insights keep you in control across the business. For example – specific Customer activity insights look at everything from Contact Activity to Quotes, Orders, Invoicing and Payment patterns. These are incredibly powerful when reviewing the performance and activity of your Key Customer Accounts.

Imagine having that at your fingertips, up to date, all the time, for your all your customers and suppliers!



Hundreds of pre-built analysis views put you in control

Analysis provides the detailed engine that powers both the Dashboards and the Insights. This is where the raw data from the source accounting, CRM and Stock Control systems is presented from multiple perspectives.

These can all be sliced and diced even further from here, providing an incredibly rich vein of KPI’s, specific reports and graphs, all based on your business needs.

Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence provides quick and easy to use drag and drop principles to modify existing views and create additional perspectives specific to your business needs and focus.

You have the time to think and act accordingly.