ByMark Vincent

Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence

A Fully Automatic Business Intelligence Service which Enables You to Drive Efficiency, Competitive and Strategic Advantage.

ByTracey Vincent

Accelerate your growth

Businesses grow 35% faster with good information, according to a recent study by Sage. 

Afinitis Intelligence takes your understanding of your business to a new level.


ByMark Vincent

Unlock Hidden Cash

Use the power of Afinitis Intelligence to quickly and easily identify releasable cash. Watch the video below to find out more.

ByTracey Vincent

Free up your time

Afinitis Intelligence does the hard work, leaving you to take the decisions.

ByMark Vincent

Stay in Control

Information is power. Protect yourself against uncertainty. 

ByTracey Vincent

Fast Results – from Day One

Fully automatic analysis service enables practical benefits from day one, no need for technical skills.

ByTracey Vincent

A range of entry points to suit your precise needs

It’s about your business, not software or data.