The Afinitis Intelligence Spring Offer

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The Afinitis Intelligence Spring Offer

Afinitis’ free business reports

You may not have heard of Afinitis Intelligence yet but our growing list of customers are really seeing the benefits of the deeper insight it brings. We are certain that when you try it you will see the benefits so we are offering a selected group of people the following special offer:

We will produce for you – totally free of charge 3 reports which will help you understand even better your customers buying habits and trends.

These reports will give you a deep insight into:

  • Which customers have spent more or less with you than the previous year
  • Your top and bottom 20% of customers
  • Full analysis of your new customers over the past 12 months and the effect these are having on your business
  • Average invoice value and the number of transactions per customer
  • Seasonality of your customers spend quarter on quarter
  • Which are your ABCD customers – which customers are making you money – and which are sucking you dry

These reports will really help you to understand your customers’ buying habits – help you identify your most profitable customers – and where to focus your efforts over the coming months to maximise your customer service and profits. All totally free!

Why are we doing this?

The best way for us to demonstrate the benefits of Afinitis Intelligence is for you to see your own data presented to you in a way that you will have most likely never seen before – and Afinitis Intelligence produces these reports at the touch of a button.

Interested? Just follow this link (http://www.afinitis.com/contact-us/) to register your interest and we will be in touch

What is Afinitis Intelligence?

Afinitis Intelligence is a fully automatic analysis service which sits on top of your existing systems (financial, CRM, stock or time management systems, order processing etc) enabling you to “drill down” into these giving you over 2500 different perspectives of your information at the touch of a button.

Afinitis Intelligence combines key professional skill areas – Advanced Business Intelligence, enabling stronger Decisions and Control, together with Improvement Techniques resulting in accelerated managed change and onward agility.

  • Fully automatic daily, weekly and monthly reporting
  • Daily dashboards for all team members
  • Full analysis of customers, stock, suppliers, cash flow – and much more
  • Remote access anywhere in the world
  • Insight and control
  • Improvement pathways to help you maximise your business potential
  • Afinitis Intelligence typically shows you how to free up 10 – 15% of the cash tied up in your business increasing your ability to fund growth from internal resources

What would having this sort of information at the touch of a button mean to you right now?

To find out more just follow this link (http://www.afinitis.com/contact-us/) to register your interest and we will be in touch. Alternatively call us on 0844 542 0888 to find out more. Keep in mind this offer is only running till mid April (2018), so act now if you don’t want to miss out on this incredible offer.

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