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Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence was born out of our frustration with mere reporting tools not getting the information we needed to make changes, both for the Board and the Management Team

Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence was founded by Dave McCabe and Pete Coales following a conversation about the difficulties of pulling data together to produce meaningful knowledge to allow effective decisions.

While there are plenty of Business Intelligence tools on the market, our experience was that a lot of effort and IT skill was needed to get the information into a form that gave the answers they needed.

Afinitis Intelligence is designed from the ground up to avoid complex IT changes and to make it easy for customers to quickly get to the information that really matters, eliminating the need for programming or analytical skills thus ensuring business users gain productive use from day one, with built in guidance ensuring immediate value, helping customers gain real benefit and improved bottom line results.

While every business is different, there are common themes and key performance indicators that every business needs to know.

Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence starts from day one with a very comprehensive set of dashboards and a fully automatic library of over 2500 reports “out of the box” that can quickly and easily be tailored and developed by you as needed.These reports give users full drill down capability and click and drag personalisation.

Alternatively, we can use the power of Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence to reduce the time it takes to produce your management reporting packs or work with you on specific projects, e.g. to reduce cash tied up in stock or increase the margin of certain product lines.

Our experience is that each client is different but they have one thing in common: they like the results!