Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence provides a fully automatic analysis service eliminating the need for technical skills, enabling you to drive practical business improvements fast

Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence combines key professional skill areas – advanced business analysis, supporting informed decisions and strategy, together with online education to help you drive straight to value

Autonomous Business Intelligence

The secret lies in the unique ability of Afinitis Intelligence to automatically grasp raw data from deep within your systems to show you exactly what you need to drive performance improvements.

Decision and Control

Perfect 20 / 20 hindsight is easy, ‘if only I had known that’ is something you have probably said a few times. Afinitis Intelligence puts you in control by showing you exactly what is going on in your business. Decision and Control is about insights, clarity and getting all your ducks in a row, leaving you on top of the vital detail

Active Improvements

You drive results from a position of knowledge from day one so your team can perform at a higher level continuously. You can see the impact they have on results by customer, product, salesperson, region and market. Afinitis Intelligence offers expert support to maximise your opportunities

Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence Business Essentials Reports

Clear PDF Business Essentials Reports you can print or use on line show you exactly what is happening. Suggestions for improvement actions are included – multiple focus areas including: Business Essential Headlines, Full Overview Report, Customer Spending, Monthly Executive Pack, Cash and Stock Management

Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence Step by Step Projects

ractical steps to optimise the business one area at a time, tailored for your situation, to give you a clear way to make improvements with expert support – multiple focus areas include: Customers, Margins, Order Value, Seasonality, Products & Services, Cash Management and Specialist functions

Afinitis Autonomous Intelligence

Updated daily you have access to multiple perspectives organised into functional views of your business. You can follow your thought processes on screen to get the answers you need, set up Reports and multiple Dashboards and you can access on-line from anywhere in the World and set up parameters keeping you ahead

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